A note from Kate:

“I am often asked why I choose to work with businesses and business owners and where I get the passion for it; the answer, quite simply, because I can’t imagine doing anything else. Growing up I was surrounded by incredibly intelligent entrepreneurs and I used to be enthralled sitting and listening to how they were solving problems and overcoming hurdles. It wasn’t just that they were creating organizations that offered jobs or filled a need in the marketplace, they were changing people’s lives. My Father helped many businesses in his career (as a CPA and M&A expert) in every aspect from start up and growth to maturity and transfer, but regardless of what he was hired to ‘do’ for the company he always said his most important job was to know the company and the owners well enough that he could create the solution before it became apparent that there was a problem.

That is how Rippe Financial Group started, we believe products are just that, without a thorough knowledge of the business, its goals and obstacles, simply selecting a product to fill an immediate need is often costly and worst case has the opposite affect from what it was intended for in the first place. This is what I find so frustrating with the professional services market today. Small and middle market companies are frequently overlooked when it comes to suitable business planning; CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, financial professionals should all be working together to ensure that all the gaps in a business plan are closed, so the business can focus on serving its clients. That is how we are different, we believe it is a team effort to anticipate, implement and review our clients business  plans regularly to limit any costly and time-consuming complications in the future. On behalf of our team at Rippe Financial Group our commitment is to provide service to our clients throughout every stage of their business.”

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