Qualified Plan Solutions

Implementing the correct retirement plan will profoundly impact the financial well-being of the business, it’s owners and employees.

Making certain your business has the correct plan design will help ensure your business remains competitive in attracting and retaining employees of all skill levels. By understanding your business Rippe Financial Group will help find the retirement plan that works in your best interest.

The success of retirement plans often have direct correlations to consistency, proper guidance and education of both the owner and the employees. Offering a qualified plan also means managing costs and your fiduciary responsibilities to your employees, this process includes several factors:

  • Plan Effectiveness: Maximizing participation, deferral rates and employee education are all factors that we look at when determining how effective a retirement plan is for your business. Rippe Financial Group will also continue to re-evaluate the factors throughout the life of your retirement plan to make sure you constantly have the most efficient plan for your business.
  • Plan Expense Review: Ensuring expenses are reasonable for your business and competitive with other retirement plans on the market is important to keeping your plan relevant.
  • Investment Supervision: Supplying data, resources and awareness is critical for plan sponsors to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities.

SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, 401(k), 403(b) and profit-sharing plans are all options that can help provide employees with financial security and income in the future. Each plan scenario is reviewed with regard to effective design in order to give you the best option for the success of your business.